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Alan Crompton

Alan Crompton


Roster Spots Available


Supplemental tryouts take place during team practice. Contact Teresa Crompton ( to schedule a tryout.

Teresa Crompton

Teresa Crompton


Phone: 216-401-4456

GLC - Seeding League for the 2018-19 Season

Because of our State Cup success, we are one of eight teams from Ohio North who have qualified for the GLC (Great Lakes Conference - Formally the MRL) in the Spring 2019 season. 

The GLC does not operate a U13 League in the FALL season. (only in the Spring) 

This fall we will play in the GLC - Seeding League against the other teams who qualified. Each State has GLC Premier 1 , two GLC Premier 2, and 5 GLC Div 1 openings to play for. 

Fall schedule is posted on this website 

2017 State Cup

Manager's Minute

2018-2019 Girls 2006 Tryouts

By WVJ 05/18/2017, 11:45am EDT

Please contact team manager if you would like to schedule a tryout (



Pennine News

By Paul Gummo 03/02/2017, 8:30pm EST

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