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Technical & Tactical Personal Development

Pennine Utd B05 - Passing on the message!

Pennine Utd B07 - Passing the message on!

Are you up for the Pennine Challenge?

#1) Many (many) years ago ...I asked my coach what I could do to improve my skill set. His answer was :

When you can juggle the ball 100 times, come back and talk to me!

I went back to my manager and said I could juggle the ball 100 times, he said "that's with a tennis ball, right?  Every kid can juggle 100 with a football!"

I was 10 years old! 

Forget the soccer ball...get a tennis ball OR a toilet roll and start juggling.......go for 10, then 20 , then 30 ...

#2) This requires 2 players!

A total of 30 touches, 15 for each player , ALL CONTINUOUS

a) 5 headers each - total 10
b) 5 Left footed volleys each  - total  20
c) 5 Right Footed volleys each - total 30 

Anytime the ball hits the start again.


Individual Soccer Fitness & Technical Exercises

Speed/Agility(without the ball) 
Interval runs. - 3x40-60yds sprints, with a brisk walk/slow jog back in between. After a set of 3 is complete. Take an extra minute rest and then do another set of. Typically complete 3 to 4 sets (ie 9-12 sprints total)

Speed/Agility(without the ball)
Sprints to cones at 10/20/30 yds touching the floor and running back. 

Rest 1 min between sets. 3 to 4 sets.

Run of 1-2 miles (1-2 times per week)

Body weight exercises - push ups, squat thrusts, burpes, planks.

Basic ball touches/passing
 if you have a rebounder or a wall, passing with alternating feet.

 if space allows, encourage your son to create his own moves, put moves together, mix skills with dribbling etc.

Fun games
 if your son has a sibling, or with you - soccer tennis in a drive way is always fun.

 if you have a goal in the yard, shooting using using both feet/ post or cross bar challenge.


Juggling - there is a OYSAN progressive juggling/skills award. This gives a way for the player to gauge their progress.

30 Footskills -

Players will be familiar with most of these or variations of them. A suggestion, split them into groups of 10, and have each drill practiced for 30-40 secs with a 20-30 second rest, and do them in sets of 3 or until the players feels proficient/confident with them. This will create 3 x 25-30min workouts.

Steve Harrison - Masterclass Defence Session

Proud to say I was a team mate of Steve, more than a few years ago. TOP notch coach, involved with England and Aston Villa.

Coaching Masterclass EP1 - Frans Hoak - Man U - Barcelona - KNVB

Make sure you notice/understand the detail to simplicity!

Coaching Masterclass EP2 - Steve McClaren

Former England, Newcastle, Derby Manager, also assistant coach to Alex Ferguson at Man Utd during the successful days. Regarded as one of the Worlds top coaches. saw one of his sessions at Derby in 2010.