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    2018-09-20 6:30 pm 5 G04AC PENNINE UTD G04AC (ON) CANTON UNITED 04/05 RED (ON) 425
    2018-09-22 9:00 am A B9/10 PENNINE UTD B09/10 (ON) OPFC 2010 B BLACK (ON) 100
    2018-09-22 9:00 am 21 B07 White PENNINE B07 WHITE (ON) BOCA 07 BOYS (USA) 849
    2018-09-22 10:00 am LNSP - East B06 Red Challenger South PENNINE UTD B06 RED (ON)
    2018-09-22 10:25 am 31 G07 Red AMBASSADORS FC '07 GIRLS (ON) PENNINE UTD G07 RED (ON) 637
    2018-09-22 10:30 am St Ignatius B04 Pennine Utd B04 White CFC B04 GLC - Exhib
    2018-09-22 11:45 am LNSP-East G06 AC Pennine Utd G06AC Ohio Extreme GLC
    2018-09-22 11:50 am 16 B07 Red PENNINE UTD B07 RED (ON) TCSC U12-B07 603
    2018-09-22 12:20 pm 20 B06 White PENNINE UTD B06 WHITE (ON) CLEVELAND SELECT 947
    2018-09-22 12:30 pm A B9/10 CAPS FC TEAL (ON) PENNINE UTD B09/10 (ON) 94
    2018-09-22 1:15 pm 21 G07JM OSU G07BLACK (ON) PENNINE UTD G07JM (ON) 352
    2018-09-22 2:30 pm LNSP - East B06 Red Pacesetter Red PENNINE UTD B06 RED (ON)
    2018-09-22 2:40 pm 23 B08 East PENNINE B08 EAST (USA) EVEREST 08 BOYS BLACK (ON) 553
    2018-09-22 2:40 pm 7 G07 JM CAPS FC 07 GIRLS BLACK (ON) PENNINE UTD G07JM (ON) 355
    2018-09-22 3:40 pm 18 G04AC WEST SIDE STARS 04G (USA) PENNINE UTD G04AC (ON) 403
    2018-09-22 4:15 pm LNSP-East G06 AC Pennine Utd G06AC Internationals GLC
    2018-09-23 1:00 pm Valley H/S B05 White Pennine Utd B05 White (NL) AFFC Storm GLC
    2018-09-24 6:00 pm St Ignatius B07 White PENNINE B07 WHITE (ON) OPFC 07 BOYS BLACK (ON) 851
    2018-09-24 7:15 pm St Ignatius B07 Red Pennine B07 Red OPFC 1006

    Pennine United Boys 2005 Qualify for National League !

    Reigning State Cup winners and Runners Up head to this years competition having already Qualified for the 2018-19 National League by vitue of a second place finish in the Spring MRL Prem 1 Blue division with a  4W, 2T and 1L record to advance. 

    National League play will be held in N Carolina in November and in Las Vegas in March 2019 


    Tryout Information

    Understand that tryouts are set on TURF to avoid cancellations. This DOES NOT reflect where we train during the seasons. 

    We also have venues in Strongsville and on the east side at Rising Valley and Copley H/S 

    Long established with success at the local and Regional level. 

    We have multiple levels of play 

    Regional - Competitive with travel and Showcase events for College bound players.  Open to all but a full commitment is required 

    State wide League play - Cost efficient but little travel except for selected Tournaments.

    Download the Tryout Form below...complete and e-mail to 

    B2007 Jefferson Cup Champions 2018

    CONGRATS to our G2001 - OYSAN State Cup Finalists 2017

    Welcome to Pennine - Coleman, Josef and Baxter B2005 - a little extra?

    CONGRATS to the B01MRL Wildcard at Regionals - 2-1-0 in South Dakota



    The Edge Sports Academy, Inc. DBA Pennine United Soccer Club was formed in 2002. Built on a reputation for quality coaching in a positive environment to develop student athletes to enjoy the worlds #1 sport .

    Wayne Jentas

    Wayne Jentas

    Pennine United Soccer Club

    Phone: 330-819-8375

    Our Sponsors

    These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our organization. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Click here to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities